The 9th Israeli Air Missile Defense
Conference & Exhibition
Pavilion 10, EXPO Tel Aviv

Representatives from government, industry, and research centers, from Israel and many other nations, will meet at the 9th Israel Air and Missile Defense Conference and Exhibition at Pavilion 10,EXPO Tel Aviv, on March 8th, 2022. 

The conference will explore all aspects of air and missile defense, including:

  • Government policy
  • Evolving threats 
  • Defense architecture
  • Highlights of current and future development programs
  • Emerging technologies 

This unclassified conference is organized by the Israel Missile Defense Association (IMDA) and its partners – the Israeli Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Israel Homeland Security (iHLS) company.  The Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israel Missile Defense Organization support and actively participate at the conference.

This event will provide a broad and integrative look at air and missile defense and the global challenges it presents to nations, and to Israel in particular. It will examine the importance of a comprehensive approach to air and missile defense as a fundamental necessity for the synergy among all its components.

Target Audience

The conference is targeted at the defense industry community in Israel and abroad, the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli defense establishment, academics in the field, decision makers and support staff, etc.